Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nuzul Quran

I am not working today. It's a public holiday in Penang for Nuzul Quran. Early this morning, around 8 a.m., I went out to clean the compound with the help from my girl and another little helper, an eager one indeed hehe...

presenting, lil' helper...he is named after Charlie Caplin, as you can see, he has patches on the lower part of his nose that resembles Chaplin's moustache. He is about two months old and is the only kitten alive at the moment (from 7 kittens that didn't survive).  He was abandoned by his mother, which I'm still figuring why...because, she is still around just that Charlie cannot be near her. In the end, Charlie is adopted by Fifi, that brown cat in the picture.

what on earth are you doing? I wonder why he is so fascinated with the plastic bag...

having breakfast from leftover sahur

take a look at the clean more dried leaves....I'm so happy!

my dragon fruit plant...I'm so surprise to see it is still standing...I wonder will it survive?

Today...for iftar...I prepared 'asam pedas ikan merah' 

I followed the recipe from TryMasak
but I made some changes to a few of the ingredients for example, I decided to cook ikan merah,  I used only 1 liter of water instead of 2 liters, and only one tomato. I also added more asam keping, salt and sugar. 

I made this one too...

kerabu jantung pisang

do you know that, I took a longer time to prepare this kerabu than cooking the asam pedas! 

I have to cook the jantung pisang for about 15 minutes, then prepare the ingredients such as

3 onions, chopped
10 birdeye chilies, chopped
1 bunga kantan, chopped
1 tsp of kerisik
1/2 of jantung pisang, chopped
some dried anchovies,advisable to cook without oil and pound well
2 tbs tamarind juice
some salt and sugar

combine all together and your kerabu is ready! 

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