Monday, April 16, 2012

we are young

Adnin's latest craze....

What can I girl loves this song!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

a year older

   I was a year older on Thursday, 29 March 2012. Well, while I was teaching in class, suddenly I received a sad news about a friend's mom who passed away on the same day at about 5 a.m. from my hubby. Condolences to you Bam and Mia. The day seemed so gloomy. I get so melancholy. I couldn't be happier even though I'd been getting birthday wishes from colleagues and students. Also a few wishes from text messaging and Facebook on timeline, well not forgetting from Instagram too. Talking about the birthday wishes on Facebook.... fuh... I received approximately about 167 messages! I could only write the replies today and I actually replied to each and everyone of my friends who had wished me. Wow...I felt so touched by the messages and how thoughtful of them to had wished me.
   And I also received a phone call from an ex-student of STAR Klang. I was so surprised to get the call because he normally gave a text message on my birthday. To tell you the truth...he never failed to wish me for the past 9 years after I moved to Penang. He was 14 back then. How thoughtful of you Levin. He's now a 3rd year Medical student and is studying in HUKM. He seemed to be so matured and well spoken. I used to remember him always disturbing my English class and interrupting  my lessons with his jokes and 'I know everything' attitude! hahaha...those were the days...I hope to meet him one day when I go back down south.

Here are the pictures of the birthday presents I received....

birthday macaroons from Aisyah

a special toiletry bag from Aisyah too

a surprised chicken rice from Mr.B which he adapted from Donna Hay's recipe he watched on AXN Beyond 

iPanama slippers from my sis, Lurve which she bought from Adelaide

I also received presents from my MIL and SIL and also birthday cards specially made by my kids... the first one is from Aqeel and the next one is from 'Adnin. Thank you everybody!